Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Symmetrical Floundering
with works:
Passages (I-IV), steel, aluminum, silk, 2021
Kerosene (Time comes round; Age undoes itself; Lures us away), wood, stainless steel, aluminum, led light, silk, chain, 2021
Scoria (I-IV), silkscreen on thin metal plate, wood, tiger eye stone pendulum, chain, 2021
Growl, aluminum cast, 2019

Artistic objects, unlike architectural ruins and other remnants of existence, have the significant ability not only to evoke the truth of the past, but also have the power to predict the future […] Through their works the artistic duo Inside Job explores, contests and looks far into the processes of identity production, the mechanisms of transition between diametrically opposed spheres of existence, the sense of community and the discovery of a metaphysical perspective. Each of the presented pieces is at least two-dimensional, each while observed from one side reveals the presence and conceals the character of the other. Aggressive shapes, dark textures, and the cold sheen of polished metal are attributes of horror. Fear is not out of place here. It’s a scene where emerging energy gives hope for reconciling reality with the mirror-like hereafter, hope for a new spiritual order – lunar, secular, horizontal, multiple and dynamic.
– Jakub Bąk

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exhibition view:
Symmetrical Floundering
Cantina, Aarhus, Denmark
photos: Luna Lund Jensen