Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Oracle Terminal
with works:
Continuity Circle (I-III), stainless steel, brass, 2022
Untitled (Fossilized) (I-III), stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane resin, dust and
soot from a burned car, 2022

Within the world of ORACLE TERMINAL by Polish artist duo INSIDE JOB, we assume the roles of archeologists: excavating alien artifacts and obscure geological fragments, piecing together clues about the calamity that caused the social and ecological demise of this reality. Utilizing an array of different materials and textures, including casts made directly from the wreckage of a burned out car found near the artists’ home, INSIDE JOB highlights the clash between human made remnants and organic fossilized matter harking back to primordial, prehistoric times. Our journey through ORACLE TERMINAL reflects the range of anomalies surrounding us in the present, amidst the turmoil of global capitalism, rapid technological advancement and the dangers of human-made climate change. Touching on ideas of object-oriented ontology and New Materialism, the exhibition places us face to face with the catastrophic consequences of humanity as a geological force.
— Lukas Leslie

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Soundtrack by HKKPTR

exhibition view:
Oracle Terminal
curated by: Celina Eggers
BSMNT Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
photos: Emilian Tsubaki