Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Voracity Loop
in collaboration with Botond Keresztesi

with works:
Voracity Loop, mahogany wood, stainless steel, brass, 2022
Property of perpetual, jesmonite, stainless steel, brass, mahogany wood, 2022
Pierced Branch I-III, mahogany wood, stainless steel, photopolymetric resin, 2022
Claws (continuity) I-II, mahogany wood, stainless steel, brass, 2022

„The exhibition captures the unmetabolized anxieties of our collective unconscious and it depicts the murkiness of the epistemological crisis that we - as humanity - are currently experiencing. Uneasy as it seems, within this ungraspable scale of deep time and moving matter - set at work by both our species and by powers that are now far beyond it - the exhibition finds a comforting pattern in accepting the continuous mutation of form, consciousness, and sensitivity. Moreover, working through the anxieties of envisioning futures that are decentering the human, the artworks make use of the limitless reconfigurations of both consciousness and technology, to help us mold viable posthuman co-adaptations with and within

- Adriana Blidaru

More at:
Kajet Journal

exhibition view:
Voracity Loop
Aldea Gallery, Bergen, Norway
photos: Thor Brødreskift