Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Does the Rising Sun Affraight
Group show at Zachęta - National Gallery of Art

with works:

Behind the mouths gate something is stirring, is flickering,, linen, silk, organza, stainless steel, galvanized steel, soy wax, calendering line, spray paint, 2024
Will spread I-II, stainless steel, linen yarn, dried thistle flowers, 2024

Behind the mouths gate something is stirring, is flickering consists of 6 objects that hang from the ceiling on a long, rhizomatic structure that also winds across the floor. The calyx-like forms were made from fragments of hand-dyed linen, silk and organza sewn together. The exterior of each form has a darkened color palette of moss, grays and browns. In some places, one can see glyphs that are difficult to decipher, or fragments of impossible-to-read text. The interior, on the other hand, is organic, darker and red. The work reflects the inspiration from the plant world - especially the species of Pitcher plants (Nepenthaceae) - carnivorous species that hunt insects, attracting them with their fragrance. Another association may also be the form of an empty cocoon or a moult from which something has hatched. The forms have been additionally waxed so that they appear wet, cracked, covered with a transparent layer. From the interiors emerge metallic, floral elements - characteristic for the work of the Inside Job duo.

Will spread I-II, is a continuation and further development of the Diaphane series. The long, double-layered assemblages were made of stainless steel. They were created from photographs of thistles overgrowing contemporary post-industrial ruins. As in other works from the Diaphane series, the thistles were juxtaposed with shapes taken from illustrations of a mysterious medieval Voynich manuscript. The manuscript depicts plant species that are still unrecognized today, juxtaposing them with alchemical and astrological themes. In this way, the plant elements of the real world are combined with the fictional and speculative.

The Inside Job duo works with tensions between what is delicate and retreated with what is aggressive and expansive, the figure of the object and the organism of the impossible, speculative realism and anomalies that shatter the rules governing the world of matter so far considered as logical and indisputable.

- Ola Skowrońska - from curatorial text for the exhibition Does the Rising Sun Affright.

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exhibition view:
Does the Rising Sun Affraight
curated by: Aleksandra Skowrońska
Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland, 2024
photos: Inside Job & Daniel Rumiancew