Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Enter the Heat

In collaboration with Maya Hottarek

series of objects,
ceramics, stones, steel, aluminum, pvc, linen, audio, colored gels, garments, found objects, 2019

Enter the heat was a three-day exhibition whose integral point was the discussion on environmental changes, including the phenomenon of the global warming. The gallery space during the event was divided into two zones. The first one was filled with sculptural objects that reflected in their form organic or geological structures. Metal objects were inspired mostly by the skeletons of extinct species. The free combination of lines of the ridges and bones created hybrid, abstract shapes, whose industrial, cold and carefully polished surfaces contrasted with their organic provenance. Ceramic works made by Maya Hottarek resembled growths and mounds covered with glassy moss. The second zone was dedicated to the collective brainstorming and creation of a digital-based archive, which was supposed to trigger a sense of necessity for knowledge sharing.

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exhibition view:
Inside Job and Maya Hottarek, Enter the Heat, 2019
Sattelkammer, Bern, Switzerland
curator: Yvonne Lanz
photos: Samuel Rauber