Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Roses: Sky is the limit. Just keep pressin on

installation, CD album,
gelled lighting, fashion garments and barbed wire, 2018

The steel barbed wire stretched under the ceiling separates the exhibition space into two spheres. The clothes hanging on it, covered with original graphics and embroideries, weigh above the heads, disturbing the sense of comfort typical for the reception of objects situated at the sight level. The cold blue light permeating the room refers to the sphere of supernatural phenomena. Its colour, which is close to the ultraviolet spectrum, has an impact on perception and, in the event of prolonged contact, on the functioning of the human body. These images document the residual marks of the Roses EP launch produced by Inside Job and hosted by Hot Wheels Projects. The inaugural album created in the form of limited CD’s will be followed by the additional release of 7’ vinyl single. All recordings and masterings were produced between Athens, Greece and Poznań, Poland. Its contributors vary widely in field and location, including: Asbo Airlines, CONSP, DarkNetHost, Hawaje, Daniel Koniusz, Stachu Szumski, UltraRareSabra, Matipies, Wszystko.


more at:
Hot Wheels Projects Athens

exhibition view:
Roses: Sky is the limit. Just keep pressin on, 2018
Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, Greece
photos: Felix Pötzsch